31 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

Levon Minassian - Songs From a World Apart

Levon Minassian - Songs From a World Apart
MP3 VBR | 74.2 MB | 2005

Levon Minassian duduk, vocal
Anand Amar compositions, arrangements
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan vocal
Bruno Caillat percussions
Mathieu Coupat piano
Didier Francois nickelharpa
Gregorie Korniluk cello
Jean-Paul Mineli-Bella viola d'amore
Jean-Pierre Nerguararian kamanche
Haroun Teboul ud, tanbur
Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra

Tracklist :

1. Hovern'engan (The winds have dropped)
2. Tchinares (You are slender)
3. Ar Intch Lav Er (Those were good times)
4. Nare Nare
5. Im Ayrogh Veuchlitz (Oh may my mother...)
6. Yes Tchem Ouzoum Dzeranl (I don't want to grow old)
7. Amen Hayr Sourp (Canticle of the trinity)
8. Sareri Hovin Mernem (I am dying in the wind of my plains)
9. Araksi Artassouken (The tears of the River Arax)
10. Nusrat's Allap

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