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Carlos Libedinski - NarcoTango

Carlos Libedinski - NarcoTango
MP3 192 Kbps | 66 MB | 2003

Tracklist :

 1. Vi Luz y Subi
 2. Plano Secuencia
 3. Otra Luna
 4. Un Paso más Allá
 5. Toma y Daca
 6. Mi Buenos Aires Queri...
 7. Mejor asi
 8. La tropilla de la zurda
 9. Trancetango
 10. Doble o nada
 11. Que onda?
 12. Humo  

Carlos Libedinski - NarcoTango 2
MP3 128 Kbps | 71 Mb | 2006

Tracklist :

01 - Esa
02 - Dos
03 - Tres son moltitud
04 - El aire en mis manos
05 - Esta noche
06 - Sarasa
07 - Solo per hoy
08 - El dia despues
09 - Rescates
10 - Gente que si
Vi luz y subi

Announcing a very exciting CD release by Argentine musician Carlos Libedinsky. Conceived by a dancer for dancers, the visionary album NARCOTANGO is a cross between Osvaldo Pugliese and Massive Attack. It is by far the most brilliant hybrid of traditional tango and contemporary electronic music that has been produced to date. It is not only beautiful and entrancing to listen to, it is also inspiring for dancing, and therefore one of the most important tango CDs of this generation. Carlos writes about his work:

"NARCOTANGO is a deep embrace between Tango and the electronic music atmosphere of our time.

"At the hour when there are only a few couples left on the dancing floor, magic sneaks into the Milonga, and I watch people dancing and experimenting a new kind of Tango dance, when my body is exhausted from dancing for hours and I don't want the night to end, at that hour NARCOTANGO was born. It was then that I could imagine the music that I wanted to dance to, and to see others dance to. At that moment the narcotic power of tango takes over and confirms, once again, that I have entered a universe inside of me that is hard to leave, because like a drug, tango generates an incredible, sensual and powerful addiction." 

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