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Hanna Jahanforooz - Hanna Jahanforooz

Hanna Jahanforooz-Hanna Jahanforooz
MP3 192 Kbps | 45 MB | 2009 

Hanna jahanforooz
- Vocals
Eran Zamir - Guitar&Oud
Ben Dagovitch - percussion instruments

Tracklist :

02.Earth Wind Water Fire
03.L'hameed Paneem
06.My Heart - Yary Yary
07.Khoda Hafz
08.Let Me Fly

About Hanna

I was born in Iran (Tehran). After the Islamic revolution, my family stayed in Iran 4 more years and only then they decided to leave, escape to the "Promised Land".

We spent a month on the roads (through Pakistan ) until finally we arrived here. In spite of all the difficulties of fitting, I hope I'm a part of this country!

As a child in Iran I sang (for the iyatoolot) and here I keep this burning desire of music. Throughout the years I became professional, I learned vocal tutoring, based on opera, acting and acting in front of the camera.

Throughout the time I created my own unique personal style, a combination of oriental Farsi music from the east and western tools (piano, cello).
I cooperated with local artists who creates world & ethnic music.

My biggest dream is my voice to be heard over the seas, and to continue bringing joy and happiness to people.

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