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Mira Anwar Awad • Bahlawan

Mira Anwar Awad Bahlawan 
MP3 320 Kbps |116 MB | 2009

Tracklist :

1. After all the rain (4:20)
2. Peace of mind (4:53)
3. A word (with Noa) (4:05)
4. And I am a forest (3:29)
5. Cloud (3:59)
6. Bahlawan (Acrobat) (3:59)
7. Daylight and my heart (2:50)
8. Olakatona (Our relationship) (3:41)
9. Stay (4:14)
10. Wihdati (My loneliness) (5:30)
11. Cloud (J.Viewz remix) (5:11)
12. There must be another way (Bonus track) (2:59)
13. Second chance (New version) (Bonus track) (3:02)

About Mira

Studied in the Rimon school for Jazz and contemporary music, 1996-2000. Participated in Improvisational workshops in Israel and the UK sponsored by the BIArts, British Council. Studied in the body theatre school with a scholarship from the America-Israel culture foundation.
Collaborated with Noa (Achinoam Nini) in her album "Now".. with Idan Raichel in his second album "Mema'amakim".. with Greek singer George Dalaras...and with hip hop artist Guy Mar... Also worked as an actress in the Tel-Aviv Cameri theatre, on TV series "Arab labour" and "Noah's Ark".. Participated in the movie" the bubble" by director Eytan Fox. Recorded the theme songs for movies: "Forgiveness" by director Udi Aloni, and "Lemon tree" by Eran Riklis..Participated in Israeli version of "Dancing with the stars 2010"..Debut album "Bahlawan-Acrobat" musically produced by guitarist Amos Ever-Hadani was released by Helicon music in Israel and by Resistencia music in Spain. Duet album with Noa "There must be another way" released internationally by Universal music. Recently signed as a Sony artist, and currently working on second album with Spanish musical producer Carlos Jean in Madrid.

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