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Mostar Sevdah Reunion - A Secret Gate

Mostar Sevdah Reunion - A Secret Gate
MP3 192 Kbps | 87 MB | 2003 

Ilijaz Deliæ - (vocals)
Mustafa Santiæ - (accordion, clarinet)
Miso Petroviæ - (lead guitar)
Sandi Durakoviæ - (rhythm guitar)
Nedjo Kovaèeviæ - (violin, vocals)
Kosta Latinoviæ - (bass)
Sead Avdic - (percussion) 

Tracklist :

1. Why Is the Radobolja River So Troubled
2. Anterija
3. The Jaybird Is Singing
4. Hey Girl
5. Turn Round In The Rose Garden
6. A Strange Pain In The City Of Mostar
7. Mujo Leads His White Horse
8. Latif Agha Is Traveling
9. Oh, Maiden, Maiden
10. There Is No Prettier Girl Than Little Djula
11. Is There Such Grief As When The Twilight Falls
12. Hanka
13. There Goes My Heart's Joy 

Album Description

Mostar Sevdah Reunion was born in 1993 in the flames of the Bosnian conflict. Out of the Balkan's tumultuous years of war and political turmoil, the sextet rose phoenix-like out of that conflagration to become one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most popular bands.
With fine musicianship and well-crafted arrangements, they revived the traditions of Sevdalinka (Sevdah), sometimes called the "Blues of the Balkans," a musical style first introduced to Bosnia in Ottoman times. Mostar Sevdah Reunion have been acclaimed by critics and audiences throughout Europe, including concerts at the Barbican in the UK and been filmed for a documentary shown on BBC 4. This album was originally released in 2004 and has been unavailable for some time in the UK.

"The overall flavour of the album is that of a soulful melancholy, music made by people touched by tragedy, yet determined to keep on living. Very highly recommended." - Garth Cartwright, fRoots Magazine, (January/February 2004).

"Mostar Sevdah Reunion has an embarrassment of talented musicians. It's is no surprise that comparisons have been made between them and the Buena Vista Social Club." - John Lusk, fRoots Magazine, (November 2003)


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