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Romanyi Rota - O Cherhariko

Romanyi Rota - O Cherhariko
MP3 VBR 192 | 62 MB | 1994


Ferenc Balogh - voice, guitar, vocal bass, spoon, derbuka
István Nagy - voice, tamburica, buzuki, mandolin, guitar, vocal bass
Ildikó Varga - voice
Bela Lakatos - voice, water can, vocal bass
Zsolt Karkas - voice, spoons, vocal bass, drum

Tracklist :

01. It suits her well
02. Who's that girl
03. There is nothing good for me
04. Listen to me, my beautiful wife
05. I've just been to the fair
06. Flows the water under the bridge
07. The boy goes on the street
08. Long Haired girl
09.Naszvargyaszman, dilyargyaszman
10. I am a poor boy
11. Songs from Nagyecsed
12. The Tzserhar Gypsy boy
13. This boy is a Gypsy
14. My Heart is so sad now
15. Open woman, your gate
16. The gang plays over there
17. Uncle Joe


About Romanyi Rota 

The name Rományi Rota means Gypsy Wheels (Cigánykerék). The band was established in 1985 in Nagyecsed (Szatmár county) by young, talented Oláh Gipsy musicians.
In the early years - from 1987 to 1988 - Rományi Rota worked as a traditional county dance group, but in 1989 some members of the group moved to Budapest in order to continue their activity in the capital.

This 1994 CD represents an earlier sound, one I think still stands the test of time. This is genuine Gypsy music, without the fluff or hype.

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