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Tribalistas - Tribalistas

Tribalistas - Tribalistas
MP3 192 Kbps | 57 MB | 2002

Tracklist :

01 Carnavalia
02 Um a um
03 Velha infância
04 Passe em casa
05 O amor é feio
06 É você
07 Carnalismo
08 Mary Cristo
09 Anjo da Guarda
10 Lá de longe
11 Pecado é lhe deixar de molho
12 Já sei namorar
13 Tribalistas

Editorial Reviews
With this dreamy collection of soothing lullabies and playful ballads, the supergroup formed by singer/producer Marisa Monte, percussionist Carlinhos Brown, and former Titas member Arnaldo Antunes has proved once and for all that Brazilian music has moved forward beyond the shadows of the seminal tropicalia movement.
Favoring a subtle, understated compositional environment, the members of the trio clearly relish each other's company. Their voices come together harmoniously, with a handful of guest musicians adding minimal touches of piano and guitar. From the anthemic declaration of purpose "Carnavalia" to the uplifting charm of the bouncy "Passe Em Casa" and the peaceful aura that permeate the Christmas song "Mary Cristo," the moods here offer an antidote to the unapologetic aggressiveness of most contemporary music. "Tribalistas" is more than just the best Brazilian album of the year. It is also an instant classic, a musical message of hope and a joy to listen to from beginning to end. Ernesto Lechner

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