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VA - The Planet Sleeps

VA - The Planet Sleeps
MP3 VBR | 58 MB | 1997

Tracklist :

1. Chi Mi Na Mór-Bheanna - Rankin Family    
2. Yhanaway Hay Yowna - Traditional    
3. Phnom Penh Lullaby - Traditional
4. Ana Latu - Traditional    
5. Berceuse - Traditional Järvelä
6. Hace Tuto Guagua - Traditional Järvelä
7. Mayi a Gaye - Traditional Järvelä
8. Ag Croist an Siol - ORiada, Sean
9. Sweet Bitowo - P.D.S. Wes    
10. Sleep, Queen of the Dolls - Shrivastav, Baluji
11. Fais Do Do, Colin Mon Petit Frère - Traditional Järvelä
12. Noomey - Kaplan, Yermi    
13. Itsuki No Komoriuta - Jarvela, Arto
14. Schlafe, Mein Prinzchen Schlaf Ein - Flieb, B.
15. Moe Moe - Makoare, Bernard    
16. Oj Talasi - Traditional Järvelä 

Editorial Reviews

Everything about this CD, from its eye-popping cool packaging to its beautiful booklet, is wonderful, perhaps peerless. It's a study that spans 16 countries, catching paeans to childhood sleep from varied traditions. The set traverses the Cape Breton Gaelic tradition with the Rankin Family, Haiti with pop stars Boukman Eksperyans, and the African continent with music from Tonga, Algeria, and Cameroon. Despite their distances from each other, at times the songs sound quite alike. Voices might begin alone but then gather into choral size, with a reliance on wordless passages to emphasize the flow of time as sleep encroaches. In execution, the surprises are many. Algerian Houria Aïchi sounds East Indian; the Traditional Japanese Music Ensemble of New York sounds poised somewhere between a stately concert of historical court music and a touching homage to childhood; and German singer Michelle sounds pop-music ready even as she toes the line on singing a sleep-triggering song. Beyond being a great collection of international music, this is probably the most interesting mix available of cultural voices approaching the issue of children sleeping.

Andrew Bartlett

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