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Abed Azrie • Suerte

Abed Azrie • Suerte
MP3 320 Kbps | 123 MB | 1994

Tracklist :

01. Suerte
02. Entre esperanza e déseo
03. Entre tus manos
04. Vida y muerte
05. Dano y alivio
06. Sabio amigo
07. Belleza
08. Gacella
09. Grabado
10. Luna
11. Sol de suerte

Abed Azrié – Arabic Vocal
Pedro Aledo – Spanish Vocal
Sameh Catalan – Violin
Imad Marcos – Kanoun
Adel Shams – Percussion
Nasser Soumi – Arabic Cries (Tatyib)
Carmen Alvarez – Castanets, Zapateado, Hand Claps (Palmas)
Maria Fernandez – Hand Claps (Palmas)
Vicente Pradal – Guitarra Flamenca (Flamenco Guitar), Hand Claps (Palmas)
Benoît Urbain – Accordion, Keyboards



This graceful music consists of a series of duets by Abed Azrie who sings in classical Arabic & Pedro Aledo who sings in Spanish. The songs are based on 11th century Andalusian poems. A synthesis of modern & traditional instrumentation by the chamber ensembles exquisitely blends the Arabic & Spanish traditions using Darbouka drum, Flamenco guitar, castanets, kanoun, tambourine, violin, handclaps, keyboards, synthesizer, piano & chromatic accordion. The poetic qualities of the two languages, of which the sound systems complement one another, add a layer of magic to the instrumental textures.

The album opens with Azrie's Arabic and is soon joined by Aledo in Spanish and then the two voices blend in the most perfect unison on Suerte, translated as Fortunate Fortune. This stirring track is covered by Deep Forest on their album Comparsa under the title 'Media Luna.' There are melancholy moments of yearning while at other times the mood is reverential & celebratory at the same time, with Azrie's deeper register conveying the weighty aspect, alternating with Aledo's lighter vocals against a background of joyful exclamations and percussive exuberance including handclaps.

Soulful vocals, instrumental passages of dazzling virtuosity & complex arrangements characterize the music. Slower numbers with lengthy intros like Entre Esperanza y Deseo (In Hope and Longing) & Entre Tus Manos (In Your Hands) alternate with rhythm-driven songs such as Vida & Muerte (Life & Death) and the life-affirming Luna (Moon). This enchanting album concludes with Sol de Suerte, translated as 'Fortunate Fortune's Solar Beam,' a buoyant, polyrhythmic reprise of the title track. The 24-page CD booklet contains liner notes and the lyrics in English, French & Spanish. There are also various live versions of Suerte.
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