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Charlie Haden & Carlos Paredes • Dialogues

Charlie Haden & Carlos Paredes • Dialogues
MP3 192 Kbps | 65 MB | 1991

Tracklist :

01. Asas sobre o mundo & Nas asas da saudade
02. Dança dos camponeses
03. Canto de trabalho
04. Marionetas
05. Song for Che
06. Balada de Coimbra
07. Divertimento
08. Variações sobre o Fado de Artur Paredes e Gonçalo Paredes
09. Verdes anos

Carlos Paredes, portuguese guitar
Charlie Haden,

Even for the adventurous Charlie Haden, this encounter with the Portuguese guitarist Carlos Paredes is pretty unusual. Paredes plays a 12-stringed, lute-shaped instrument which has a jangly tone quality, almost like a hammer dulcimer, and Haden dances around or underpins him adroitly and flexibly, with an occasional long solo interspersed.
Apparently Haden was a national hero in Portugal for his left-leaning political crusades — he was even arrested once by the Portguese Political Police — and in this completely improvised program, you can recognize passages that resemble calls to arms in the manner of the Liberation Music Orchestra. The music, mostly by Paredes with an occasional exception like Haden's "Song For Che," has the stateliness and gusts of passion that mark the music of the Iberian peninsula, though without jazz feeling per se. World music fans thus will probably find it easier going than the average jazz browser.
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