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AndraLaMoussia & Ittai Binnun • AndraLaMoussia

AndraLaMoussia & Ittai Binnun • AndraLaMoussia
MP3 320 Kbps | 120 MB | 2005 
AndraLaMoussia is a world music group based in Jerusalem. Old meets new and East meets West in the streets of Jerusalem, creating a modern blend of of Mediterranean ethnic sound. Respecting each tradition and mixing them togrther, the music of AndraLaMoussia creates a moment of true dialogue and unity in a modern tradition.
Tracklist :
01. What's Next (by Ittai Binnun)
02. Trad. Klezmer - Freilachs, a wedding out-of-control
03. Trad. Sephardi - El Nora
04. Oud - Circle (inspired by devotional Sufi)
05. Trad. Macedonian - Laziko
06. Search (jazzy, inspired by trad. Jewish Ashkenazi music
07. Dialogue between oud and ney - Love Story
08. A Jerusalem Moment - field rec. from the Old City
09. Eli Eli, Psalm 22 (vocal and saz)
10. Pegasus (Greek style, guitar and oud
11. Getting Married at the Intercontinental (Klezmer & Kurdish medley)
12. Trad. Balkan - Olive Mystery

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