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Klezmer Conservatory Band • Dance Me to the End of Love

Klezmer Conservatory Band • Dance Me to the End of Love
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Tracklist :

1. Bukharester Bulgar (Bulgar from Bucharest) [trad, arr. Hankus Netsky and KCB]
2. Di Mekhutonim Geyen/Tants a Freylekhs (The In-laws Are Coming/Dance a Freylekhs) [Marek Warshavsky/ Shloimke Beckerman, arr. Hankus Netsky an KCB]
3. Dance Me to the End of Love [Leonard Cohen, arr. Hankus Netsky]
4. Taxim (Improvisation) [trad., arr. Robin Miller and Hankus Netsky]
5. Skotshne #60 a la Merlin [trad., arr. Hankus Netsky and KCB]
6. Zol Nokh Zayn Shabes (Let It Still Be Shabes) [Sholom Secunda, arr. Sholom Secunda]
7. Hora/Moscowitz Medley [Lunkevitch/trad., arranged and adopted by Jeff Warschauer]
8. Frelekh Zayn (Be Happy) [Music: trad, lyrics: Max Wilner, arr Hankus Netsky and KCB]
9. Bublitchki (Bulkie Rolls) [trad, arr. Nat Farber and Hankus Netsky]
10.Shlof in Zisn Ru (Sleep In Sweet Repose) [Music: Solomon Golub, lyrics: trad, arr. Judy Bressler and Arthur Bailey]
11.Dem Rebn's Nign (The Rabbi's Melody) [trad, arr. Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer]
12.Der Terk in America (The Turk in America) [trad, arr. Naftule Brandwein, Ilene Stahl and KCB]
13.Beresh Katz Bulgar [Beresh Katz, arr. KCB]
14.Yism'khu (You Shall Rejoice) [trad, arr. Deborah Strauss, Hankus Netsky, and KCB]
15.Nokh Eyn Tantz (One Dance More) [Music: trad, lyrics: Chayim Towber, arr. Hankus Netsky and KCB]
16.Der Gasn Nign (The Street Melody)
17.Biz In Vaysn Tog Arayn (Until Down) [trad, arr. Ilene Stahl and KCB]
18.Khasene Tantz (Wedding Dance)/Khaikele [Music: Abe Ellstein, lyrics; Miriam Kressyn, arr. KCB, Music Sales Corp., ASCAP/ Max Petrovsky, arr. KCB]
19.Dobranotsh (Good Night Waltz) [trad, arr, Hankus Netsky] 

Album Review
Since 1980, the Klezmer Conservatory Band has been America's foremost klezmer and Yiddish repertory ensemble.
Through extensive touring, radio and television appearances, and their recordings, they have spread this exuberant and diverse musical tradition farther than it has ever gone before. Dance Me to the End of Love returns the band to the roots of Yiddish music, featuring many seldom-heard songs passed along to them by their teachers and friends. But, as always with the KCB, every moment of these shimmering arrangements brings to the listener a feeling of newness and discovery.

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