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Marco Pereira • Stella Del Mattino

Marco Pereira • Stella Del Mattino
MP3 320 Kbps | 106 MB | 2006

Tracklist :

01 Na Baixa do Sapateiro [Ary Barroso] (06:36)
02 Estrela Da Manhã [Marco Pereira] (03:44)
03 Sambadalu [Marco Pereira] (04:33)
04 Ternura [K-Ximbinho (Sebastião Barros)] (05:41)
05 Medley (sobre temas de Baden Powell) - arranjo Marco Pereira (08:01)
05.1 Violão Vadio [Baden Powell, Paulo César Pinheiro]
05.2 Canto De Ossanha [Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes]
05.3 Consolação [Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes]
05.4 Berimbau [Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes]
06 Suíte das águas (sobre temas de D.Caymmi) - arranjo Marco Pereira (07:02)
06.1 A Lenda Do Abaeté [Dorival Caymmi]
06.2 A Jangada Voltou Só [Dorival Caymmi]
06.3 É Doce Morrer No Mar [Dorival Caymmi, Jorge Amado]
07 Frevo [Egberto Gismonti] (05:01)
08 Modinha  Luiza (05:09)
08.1 Modinha [Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes]
08.2 Luiza [Tom Jobim]

The Players:
Marco Pereira : Violão | acoustic guitar
Enzo Zirilli : Percussão | percussion
Erasmo Petringa : Contrabaixo | double bass
Gabriele Mirabassi : Clarinete | clarinet (on track 3)

Marco Pereira Biography

Marco Pereira is an internationally renowned Brazilian composer, guitarist, and university professor. His compositional work and playing -- strongly influenced by Brazilian, Latin American, and jazz music have been awarded in important international contests such as Spain's Concurso Andrés Segóvia in Palma de Mallorca and Concurso Francisco Tárrega in Valencia. In 1993, he won the Sharp prize for Best Popular Music Arranger for his work on Gal Costa's Gal. In the next year, he received two Sharp prizes (Best Soloist and Best Instrumental Album) for his own album Bons Encontros (a duet with pianist Cristóvão Bastos). He has also performed and recorded with many top popular Brazilian singers/composers like Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo, Paulinho da Viola, Gilberto Gil, and Wagner Tiso.

Pereira studied with classical guitar master Isaías Sávio while still in São Paulo. Moving to France, he presented a master's thesis about Villa-Lobos' music to the department of Musicology of the Université Musicale Internationale de Paris/Sorbonne. In the next five years while living in France, Pereira performed in Germany, the United States, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Canada, and Spain. Back in Brazil, he organized courses on violão (classical guitar) and functional harmony at the University of Brasília, and recorded two albums (Violão Popular Brasileiro Contemporâneo and Círculo das Cordas) that yielded him an invitation to perform at the Town Hall (New York) in 1988. He performed in the Brasil em Caracas festival (Venezuela) in 1995 and 1996 (the latter year with Paulo Moura). Also in 1996, he performed with success in the XXème Carrefour Mondiale de la Guitare (Martinica) with Baden Powell and Vicente Amigo. In 2000, he toured the U.S. with Ralph Towner in the International Guitar Night series. 
Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

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