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Marta Gomez • Afri-Spaans

Marta Gomez • Afri-Spaans 
MP3 320 Kbps | 106 MB | 2010

1.Una canción para ti (Jannie du Toit)
2.Si es que aún piensas en mí (Deutscher - Loose - Toerien)
3.Victoriabaai (Lucas Maree)
4.Toma mi canción (Peter Maffay - Michael Kunze)
5.Tus ojos de gitano (Anna Davel - Koos Kombuis)
6.Para ti (Christa Steyn)
7.Para siempre, África (Johannes Kerkorrel)
8.Atrapa el sol (Valiant Swart)
9.Ami (Lize Beekman)
10.Esta sangre (Theuns Jordaan)
11.En el medio de los trenes (Richard Van Der Westhuizen - Lochner De Kock)
12.Si puedes seguirme (Koos Du Plessis)
13.Vyfster (Lloyd Ross)
14.Nkosi (Popular sudafricana)

About  Marta Gomez

"Marta was born singing.
In her cradle she composed and sang the noises around her
to call upon sleep.
Marta composes to ward off nostalgia
and chase away sadness, hers and others.
She learned how to sing to the soul and the soul learned how to listen.

In her voice sings the wind, sometimes a river laughs
and even the whispers of the earth can be heard.

With her guitar, her voice, and full of will, she keeps composing
the songs around her,
and the voices dictated by absences, to lull the silence"

Nicolás Buenaventura Vidal 
Film maker, screen writer and story teller

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